Scrap the long QlikView URL – use a friendly URL instead

    Friendly URLs are web address which are easy to read & type. They usually consist short names which are abbreviated descriptions of the content (alias) and are therefore short and easy to remember. These friendly URLs can be very helpful when developing Qlik applications and can support maintaining the user-access to an application when deployed in production. The goal is to replace the long URL e.g. http://servername/QvPlugin/opendoc.htm?document=Movies%20Database.qvw with a shorter version http://servername/MovieDB by using a URL redirection script.





    This way the user will always have:

    1. one easy to remember link at all times which he can bookmark in his browser.
    2. a static link to his application which will never change.


    The developer will have the ability to

    1. control which application the users are accessing throughout the friendly URL.
    2. point the friendly URL to different versions of the same app, without the user noticing, just by modifying the redirection.
    3. make sure no old or wrong applications are accessed which have been picked up by links in old eMails.


    In this document, I will show you the different easy ways of setting up friendly URLs and the related redirections.



    • Host a friendly URL using Internet Information Services (IIS)
    • Host a friendly URL using QlikView Web Server
    • Passing parameters throughout a friendly URL


    While this document will show you three different ways of setting up friendly URLs I am aware of the fact they are not exhaustive. If anyone knows better or other ways of achieving the same result, please share and I am happy to include your suggestions in my document with a reference. Or if anyone encounters any limitations/issues while using them, please do so too.

    I would also like to thank philiphand from CapVentis for his contribution to this document.