Dynamic Update - Simple Database

    Dynamic Update is a few feature QlikView is offered to modify the data after QlikView gets reloaded. QlikView is a Data analytics tool, but you can keep it has simple database.


    Using dynamic update:

    1. Add records to the existing table.

    2. Update the records in the table.

    3. Delete few records from the table.


    Syntax is just like SQL


    INSERT INTO TableName(Fieldlist) VALUES(Valueslist);



    UPDATE TableName SET FieldName = value WHERE ConditionalField = Condition



    DELETE FROM TableName WHERE ConditionalField = Condition


    I have uploaded the QlikView file Here


    Settings to enable

    QVW: Document properties -->  Server tab--> Enable Dynamic Data update See belowEnable Dynamic update.PNG


    Server: QMC-->System-->Setup-->QVS-->Security--> Enable Allow dynamic data update

    dynamic server.PNG