Generic XML Import

    QlikView's xml import utility is great if you have to bring in lots of the same kind of XML file. It doesn't work so well though if you have a lot of different types of xml files. Since XML is a W3C recommended standard I always thought it should be possible to make a script based on those standards that would logically parse any XML file.


    That just what this does. It creates four tables as follows:


    Files : A list of the files that were imported with path and generated ID

    Hierarchy :  A list of all XML elements their, hierarchy level, and their parent information

    Values :  A list of the XML values keyed back to their source element

    Attributes :  A list of the XML attributes keyed back to their source element


    It's a first draft so I'm sure the script could be tightened up a bit and I may have missed some scenarios. I did throw if a few intentional malformed xml files and it even sorted those out. I thought I'd pass it on in case anyone else may have use of something like this. I checked around before I built it but I couldn't find anything like it.


    I've attached a dummy XML document and the QVW where it's been imported.