Creating a Candle light Chart or Box Plot Chart with custom Pop up of Plot values

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    This Document contains two part:

    Part 1: Creating of BOX Plot Chart.


    In one of my project , I got a request  to create Box Plot chart along with custom Pop up of the Plot values.

    Qlikview provides the default options to create Box Plot chart without any pop up values option, to create a Box plot chart follow the below steps:

    1.Right Click on sheet>New Sheet Object>select>Chart> Como Chart

    2.In Expression, Initially Box Plot will be disabled. UN Check the bar option and select Box Plot.

    3.In Expression, Box plot will appear > Click on the + mark in  Expression and  below 5 sub expression will appear.

    'Box Plot Middle'

    'Box Plot Bottom '

    'Box Plot Top'

    'Box Plot Lower Whisker'

    'Box Plot Upper Whisker '

    enter the fractile calculation here(refer this URL Box-and-Whisker Plots: Quartiles, Boxes, and Whiskers). This will create your Box Plot chart but this will not provide us the pop up of values. After lot of R&D I got the below solution .


    Part 2:Custom POP UP  for plot values.


    To achieve this we need to add one more expression and the order of the expression is important, 1st expression should be the POP Up expression followed by the Lower Outlier , Upper Outlier and Box Plot Expressions.

    * POP Expression should be in Bar format and we need to make use of Dual function to build this expression.

    *In Expression write the below code.


    Fractile(Aggr(Amount,Date,Amount), 0.5)&Chr(13)

    &'Box Plot Bottom = '&Fractile(Aggr(Amount,Date,Amount), 0.25)&Chr(13)

    &'Box Plot Top = '&Fractile(Aggr(Amount,Date,Amount), 0.75)&Chr(13)

    &'Box Plot Lower Whisker = '&Fractile(Aggr(Amount,Date,Amount), 0.05)&Chr(13)

    &'Box Plot Upper Whisker = '&Fractile(Aggr(Amount,Date,Amount), 0.95)&Chr(13)

    ,Fractile(Aggr(Amount,Date,Amount), 0.75)-Fractile(Aggr(Amount,Date,Amount), 0.25))


    *First part of the Dual function calculates the plot values and second calculates the length of the Bar where pop need to appear.

    *To make the chart use friendly set the Bar offset to Box Plot Bottom, this will hide the POP UP bar behind the box plot.


    Please find the attachment for the example solution.


    This is my first Qlikview Document, if I had made any mistakes please feel free to correct me.



    Avinash R