Tool which test QlikView Webtickets

    Hi All,


    I did some projects lately which involved a webticket implementation. There is a website which you can use to test if the webticket is working, but i thought a tool would be more convenient. So here it is!


    In the attachment you will find both the binary as well as the source code.


    The interface:


    webticket UI.jpg


    User : User from authentication solution

    Password : Password from authentication solution

    Group : Group from authentication solution

    QVW Document : singe QVW document to open with a generated ticket


    QVS Host : Address of the QlikView server

    User Service Account : Service account used to ask for a webticket (QV Administrator)

    Password Service Account : Password of Service account used to ask for a webticket

    Ping : Checks if the QlikView server can be reached (Result will be shown in WebTicket dialog textbox)


    Get Webticket : Generated a webticket based on the above information (may take a while the first time)


    Web Ticket : Shows the actual webticket that is created (string which contains numbers and letters)

    AccessPoint URL : Url of the AccessPoint

    Document URL : Url of the


    Clipboard : Copies the url to the clipboard

    Browse : opens the displayed url in the browser


    The result should look something like this:


    webticket 2.jpg


    Feel free to use it, but please do share when you can make a contribution to this tool.