incr practice.qvw

    In Edit script the data is fetching from a QVD , that qvd contains millions of lines. And everytime the Qvd will update with new records.
    Now what i am trying to know is , whenever the new records entered into that QVD , then my application should load new records al


    1.) For First time my QVD contains 19,000 lines

    2.)I reloaded to my QVW file. And my QVW file contains all the 19,000 lines data init.

    3.)Now the QVD is Updated with 1000 more lines and the total is 20,000 lines.

    4.)Now i again reload the QVW file. WHEN I RELOAD THE QVW FILE ,ONLY THE NEWLY FETCHED 1000 LINES SHOULD BE RELOADED instead of reloading again all the 19,000 lines.