Multi value Gauge Charts


        In QlikView Gauge charts are dimension less however we can leverage multiple Gauge chart with transparent mode to create a multivalued Gauge chart that will have multiple needles indicating the values of a dimension field.



         Assume that in my data set a field called Region has four value such as APAC, EMEA, NAMR, LAMR. I can create 4 Gauge for each of the region values. Keeping one Gauge with segments and colors  intact and changing other Gauge charts to be transparent, I can give a look of the multiple needles in a single Gauge chart.


         I got this idea of having multiple needles in the Gauge chart from IBM Cognos. Cognos provides enhanced Gauge allowing a dimension in it which will show multiple needles to indicate multiple values of the dimension Field.

    IBM Cognos Business Intelligence



         The limitation with this chart is that it is not direct-interactive in nature. Dimension field with too many values may not be suitable as the Gauge may look busy. It is not dynamic. That means if you get another value added to the field then you may have to create another Gauge chart for the new value.



         However for the last point mentioned above, I've found a solution which is dynamic to some extent. We can create few more Gauge chart with layout condition to show only when there is a new value added.

         As an example. Assume that I've a field called Region and which has four values. Today onwards I find a new value in it. Then in that case I can create another Gauge chart in advance during development so that when this new value comes then I've a chart to capture the value and display.


         I've created a sample QVW and provided the sample xls file here.

    As I mentioned it is dynamic to some extent so you can test it by adding a new Region value such as ('CAMR') in the xls file by replacing 'LAMR' or some other value. You will see that another needle now appears to indicate the newly added Region value 'CMAR'.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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