How to make a fantastic graphics, amazing to win! with Mustache by Valerio Fatatis

    Dear friends,

    the fateful moment is: "The first Demo"... of our Dashboard is an exceptional event, where surprise, surprise and delight!

    A fantastic UI can do all this, targeted new special effects ...


    some my personal "best practice" document to UI with mustache!:

    A User Experience with Big <U > ! The DashBoard with mustache!

    15K Mirable New Collection Icons with Mustache by Valerio Fatatis.rar

    Qlik Library Objects by Valerio Fatatis with MUSTACHE! ver 3

    10.000 WONDERFULL IOS Icons with Mustache by Valerio Fatatis

    Pre Sales Demo App with Mustache by Valerio Fatatis.qvw


    Have fun

    Click to:


    I attach one sample exemple script, good vision, Valerio

    simply preview


    Advanced Garaphics 1.png

    Advanced Garaphics 2.png

    Advanced Garaphics 3.png