Automated Link Table

    Automating parts of the Script can shorten the development cycle and add to consistency across applications.  The use of a Link Table works well with a data mart / enterprise data warehouse.  Automating the creation of the Link Table can be used to simplify the application data model build a few subroutines.


    Data Model - Dimensional Model

    A well-structured data model provides many advantages in QlikView application development, including extensibility, collaboration and governance.  A dimensional data model approach, with highly provisioned FACT & DIMENSION tables as promulgated by RALPH KIMBALL et al. provides an ideal data structure for most QlikView reporting / analysis applications.  This is a basic requirement for building a link table.


    Link v. Concatenate Fact table

    The choice between using a LINK TABLE or CONCATENATED FACT table will be influenced as much by the number of records in the data model as by the developers choice between using set analysis or flags in the chart expressions.


    There is extensive information on application optimization, see: Wiley: QlikView Your Business, An expert guide to Business Discovery with QlikView and Qlik Sense and Packt: Mastering QlikView.


    Automated Link Table

    The automatic build of a Link Table need not be complicated.  It must, however, be predicated on some consistency in table / field naming (adopting Naming Conventions).  There are a number of  QlikCommunity applications which demonstrate the use of script to create a LinkTable.


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    Automated Link Table Example


    This is an illustration, building on that of Lars Christensen, (exSitec,, which demonstrates the LINK TABLE and CONCATENATED FACT Table approaches on a simple data set.


    In Technical Content, the approach uses core QlikView Table Functions and Inter Record Functions to review the tables and fields.


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