ChartMaker Pro - create beautiful charts within seconds

    CharMaker is a helpful QlikView 11 app that allows to browse through an existing data model and to quickly design bar charts, tables, waterfall charts, timeline charts ... without going through heavy property dialogs or script code.

    New in v2: Create your repository of dimensions and expressions on the fly or use an existing repository (instead of tables/fields navigaiton).


    Choose heat coloring mode or choose from dozens of of modern color palettes or apply custom color-mappings for dimension values on the fly. Even advanced time lines with average lines, previous periods etc. are available out of the box.

    This tool is for free use and can help QlikView Presales when the focus of the prospect is on fast, first visualisation tools (show how fast you can create your first beautiful chart), or for key users in customer organisations to speed up "easy first beautiful" chart creation.

    New in v2: Works also in Ajax Mode with a few limitations (no "Hardcode object", no axis format changes)

    You can, but don't have to, also download "CM_DataMart.qvw", which is just a small sample datamodel (from Northwind.mdb) to be used with ChartMaker.


    What's new in v2:


    Links to some tuturial videos (partly shot with earlier version of CM)