QlikView App: Current Selections Dynamic Display

    This example shows an alternative way of showing current selections in your applications.


    It is useful to see a complete list of all selections on every screen, but this can take a lot of space - leaving less room for analysis.


    This shared QlikView uses a text box that sits neatly at the top of the page and shows what selections are currently in play.  A large current selections box can then be shown or hidden dynamically by clicking the text box.  This allows selections to be modified and removed in the standard way.


    Using text boxes in itself can be a good way of conveying a lot of information in a small space.  Attaching actions to items other than Buttons is a good way to a cleaner 'flat' UI.  Combining the two things can work really well - as I hope this example shows.


    Please see the other example apps I have uploaded also: stevedark



    Steve Dark