Top rate taxation since 2008.qvw

    How has top rate taxation changed across the world over the four years since the economic crisis of 2008 started ?


    The percentage at which the top rate starts is only one half of the story. The salary at which the highest rate is achieved has also been subject to change. The charts below can be used to show how these two elements have changed since 2008 across various economic zones and between their individual countries.


    Possible stories to be extracted:

    - PIIGS taxation initially reduced and then raised

    - BRICS taxation has remained consistent


    Design issues:

    - composition chart is not able to show numbers on datapoint as it is made up of multiple vertical bars

    - may have been better to us e a Mekko chart, but was not sure how to represent numbers on y axis instead of percentage share

    - not able to activate Year slider after a selection of economic zone, continent or country