Write back to database via XML output or web service

    Attached is a zip file containing a sample application (a QVW, MDB, ASP page, and Doco) with code that can write back to a database from QlikView. This will hopefully provide a head start for anyone needing to integrate QlikView with another system via XML or web services.


    It is a very simple application based around the concept of a distributed budgeting system:
    - Budget data is loaded into the app from an Access database
    - Users can edit the budget data in a QlikView table (using the standard INPUTFIELD functionality)
    - Users then click on a button to write the updated data back to the source database.


    It uses a couple of macros to convert the QlikView table to XML, and then can either save the XML or submit it to a web service for processing. To complete the proof of concept I wrote a simple "Classic ASP" page that will use the XML to update the source database and return the results of processing (including any errors) back to QlikView. But you could integrate with pretty much any application by writing the necessary web service or ETL to pick up the XML.


    It’s all pretty well documented. I hope someone finds it useful!


    Please note that this is an example application only, and is simply an illustration of the capabilities of macros within QlikView and the ability to "Write back" to the data source. It is not supported in any way and is offered "AS IS" for illustration purposes only.