QlikView Security

    Security in any context is critically important. It becomes especially important
    when applied to the enterprise software solutions that organizations rely
    upon to make decisions based on sensitive information. Ensuring that the
    right people have access to the right information at the right time and no
    one else is a critical part of being able to support decision making. Company
    performance, employee payroll, sales data, personally identifable information
    and forecast information are just some examples of company information that
    are commonly represented within QlikView applications.
    Security in QlikView is multi-faceted and powerful but is also easy to
    implement and familiar to IT professionals. This paper will discuss the
    following topics as applied to QlikView:
    Authentication. Who are you? How did you prove it?
    Authorization. What are you allowed to see? What are you allowed to do?
    Implementation. How do you implement security in QlikView?