Drill down issue for one possible value

    Drill down Issue

    I have a drill down object which includes:

    1. Continent

    2. Country

    3. State

    4. Branch


    I am drilling from Continent ='Asia' -> Country='Ind' then

    There are two possible States for Country= ‘Ind’ so, in chart is showing state value.

    Refer Scenario 1 screenshot.



    Whenever there is single possible value in drill down the level is skipped see example below:

    I am drilling from Continent ='Europe' -> Country='Finland' then there is only one possible state as Helsinki.

    So, This drill down level is skipped.

    Refer Scenario 2 screenshot.

    Ideally Bar chart should show Helsinki.

    But, because there is only one possible value in state so, this level is skipped.



    Add Null value to all dimensions so that there are two possible values in this case 0 and Helsinki.

    Refer Scenario 3 screenshot.

    Now the chart halts at Helsinki.

    I have attached sample Qlikview Application for reference.