Q-Eye version 6.5 is available for download

    Q-Eye is an easy to use QVD files editor that works with both QVD and QVX files It can export data as excel text and sql files


    In this release we concentrated on making the life of end users easier.


    The most import change is how metadata statistics is presented:

    It shows Total rows, Unique Values, Uniqueness, Null Count, Bit width, Size bytes ,XML type, Comments and Tags


    Next important change is introduction of Field Metadata dialogue.


    The rest of the changes are:

    • Restructured Ribbon toolbar
    • Double click on the header renames field
    • Metadata dialogue's xml and file tabs are only shown to not yet modified documents
    • Generate LOAD Statement button was added to Metadata dialogue.
    • Ability to edit "generated load statement" was introduced
    • Added option to set number of rows
    • Added option to set number of columns
    • Added shortcut to insert row
    • Added shortcut to delete row
    • Added shortcut to insert column
    • Added shortcut to delete column
    • Improved column drag and drop functionality
    • Format button was renamed to fit to content
    • Software automatically adds rows when necessary
    • Lots of small but useful bugs fixes


    Download Q-Eye Now



    Note: Q-Eye is not on Qlik Market despite the fact that number of people and companies promised us to help with this matter. We believe that eventually it will happen. Meantime we will continue making it better.


    Please use our support forum if you have any questions