Hi all,

    Qlikview Server has a number of licenses (AssignedCals), there may be a problem when these licenses come to the limit.


    To avoid to click 200 times (delete foreach user, apply and then restore and applies again....) I create this simple program.


    Launch the program (you need to be in the same network of Qlikview Server), enter the name of the QlikView Server and the number of the port (you can see these info in the address of the "QlikView Management Console"), once you have entered this information, the program connects to the Management Console and allows with few clicks to "clean" all licenses .


    Work with latest Qlikview Server version (12.x).


    [UPDATE 02-2017]


    The latest version do all automatically (cancel and restore), and finally the program closes.

    So once you open the program, just wait.