Import Excel File from SharePoint to QlikView without writing Job

    How to Import Excel File from SharePoint to QlikView without writing Job

    Import Excel file in SharePoint

    Step 1: Create a New Folder in SharePoint (For E.g. QlikView)

    Step 2: Upload Excel file in SharePoint QlikView folder

    Now Our Dataset is uploaded successfully.

    Add a Network Location in our Local Machine

    Step 1: In SharePoint, Click Open with Explorer in Library menu

    Step 2: It shows, Windows Security pop-up window

    Step 3: Enter your credentials and click Ok

    Step 4: It shows, Internet Explorer security window and click Allow

    Step 5: Now, Our Excel File in our Local Machine

    Note: This is not possible to import Excel file in QlikView, we need to create Network Location.

    Step 6: We need to create Network Location

    Step 7: Right Click on My Computer and select Add a network location option

    Note: We have two option: 1) Add a network location and 2) Map network drive

    Step 8: It shows, ‘Welcome to Add Network Location Wizard window’ and Click Next

    Step 9: It shows, ‘where do you want to create this network location?’ Window and click Next

    Step 10: It shows, ‘specify the location of your website’ window.

    Step 11: copy the link from Windows Explorer (Step 5) and paste it in Internet or Network address and click Next.

    Step 12: It shows, ‘what do you want to name this location?’ Window and click Next

    Note: You can change the Location name before click Next.

    Step 13: Click Finish

    Finally, it will added in our local machine

    Note: You can find the Network Location Press window + E

    Import Excel File in QlikView from SharePoint

    Step 1: Open QlikView Script Editor

    Step 2: Click Insert menu and choose Load from File option

    Step 3: Choose the Excel file from Network Location

    Step 4: Click Finish

    Lawrance A