Are you Nobel Prize worth?


    Today at 11.30 am (Swedish time) Nobel Institute has announced his first Laureates of this year.

    Let's look at the 115 years of history of this prestige award to see how QlikView can help us to deliver some of the known(and some less known) information.

    The Facts

    If you were born in the USA you have the biggest chance to have you name listed Along Albert Einstein , Albert Camus and Marie Skłodowska Curie.


    Are you a physicist? Yes? Then you are in good position. As to get the award you will wait the shortest time.


    How to become Nobel Prize Laureates.

    (with pinch of salt)

    From all the facts you can gather about the Laureates the less know is that 11%of the First Names start from letter S.

    Monetary value

    The value of the prize has been been up then down during the years - with the year 1919 being the the lowest and 2001 having the highest benefit for the Laureates. Is worth to mention that it is common for recipients to donate prize money to benefit scientific, cultural, or humanitarian causes.

    You can download the application from dropbox