QlikView Native Geomap ?? Yes. Almost.

    Do you know, that with QlikView 11 / 12, if you have Latitudes / Longitudes in your data model, you are always just two small steps away from a working native geomap object? QlikView Native Maps - YouTube


    This requires no extension, are in fact a inter-linked set of a slider, a button, a listbox and a scatter plot with Mapbox maps in the back...


    You need two code-snippets found here Amazon Drive

    • one for the load script
    • one for the VB macro module


    Lastly, create a button and trigger the CREATEMAP macro which does the rest. See the video and get excited ;-)

    Screenshot 2016-09-09 21.08.06.png

    Here are the instructions:

    QlikView Native Maps - YouTube