QvM - Key Check

    "How to check the links between your tables? Do the values of the key between the two tables match as predicted?"


    When building a data model it is important that you have a good understanding of the links between the tables of your data model. To test the link between 2 tables I want to know which values of my key exist only in table A, only in table B or in both tables. The Key Check module (subroutine + set of frontend objects) can help you with answering this question.



    Key Check overview

    Key Check Screenshot.PNG



    • Statistics of your keys in a blink
    • Easy setup
    • Flexible - Check multiple keys with the same frontend objects
    • Improve your understanding of your data model by analyzing your links/keys



    • A script reload is required



    Call the KeyCheck subroutine.


    The Key Check module is part of the QvM - Qlikview Modules template.


    Thanks for your feedback and comments.

    Have fun Qlik'n, Koen