Period Presets: Compare Periods on the fly

    Preset Calendar now with Sort Order


    Added two Sorting Order options.


    First chart showing Periods immediately after the period ends

    example; Q1 after Jan,Feb,Mar   and H1 immediately after 1st half of the year is completed.


    While the Second chart shows Period totals towards the end.

    Period Presets_v2.png






    Comparing metrics for two or more periods is probably a common scenario for all developers in all organizations no matter what domain they are working in.


    A Trend comparison between two or more periods for which we’ve been performing set analysis using variables. My App is a simple transformation of the Master Calendar, which allows the users to visualize and evaluate data across multiple periods dynamically without using variables.


    For people who think master calendar is of no use, this is probably the best way you would actually making use of it.


    • Most beneficial for ease of visualization and provides easy filters for comparing periods for Business users


    • No greater than less Set Analysis for comparing dates between


    • Simplifies expressions  for faster dashboard performanceJ


    • Extended Flexibility for comparing multiple periods, without being restricted by variables.


    Attached is just a sample made with Auto generated data.


    I would like to hear expert’s reviews.





    Vineeth Pujari