ValueList() Function as a Dimension

    Hi all,

    This is an example about ValueList function, to show how use it as a dimension in a chart.


    Firts of all, the definition of the function:

    ValueList (value {, value })

    Returns a set of listed values which, when used in a calculated dimension, will form a synthetic dimension. In charts with a synthetic dimension created with the valuelist function it is possible to reference the dimension value corresponding to a specific expression cell by restating the valuelist function with the same parameters in the chart expression. The function may of course be used anywhere in the layout, but apart from when used for synthetic dimensions it will only be meaningful inside an aggregation function.


    This example is use it to compare the cost of different material. Analysed by two month ago, one month ago and the year to day, its means from the start of the year till today.

    I hope this is helpful,