Calendar with AsOf Flags, Compare Easter to Easter

    About 18 months ago I shared a calendar Calendar with flags making set analysis so very simple which was received well.


    The basic principle was a calendar with all possible dates linking to the main fact table and flags / pointers describing the type of link:



    This gives endless possibilities when creating time comparison calculations. Since then I've developed the idea further with additional functionality added:

    • Comparison of Special Dates which can move year on year (For example Easter)
    • Two new Fields; From Date and To Date which are associated to dates which fall in-between
    • Financial Month, Qtrs, Years added
    • Rolling averages and accumulation felds added from HIC's recent blog post: The As-Of Table


    I'll be talking through how this calendar works soon on my blog . I also have developed a technique where expressions and nested expressions are replicated using the flags from the calendar so you don't have to manually set every possibility up!


    Look forward to hearing your comments.



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    Update: V1.5 - Jan 2016, Added %Flag_ThisFiscalYearToDate 

    Update: Jan 2016, Added QVS file to attachments. QV Licence not required to open