Export Multiple Chart Objects to Excel and Loop by Field

    This is an extension of this post: VB Macro to Loop Field (Dynamic) and Export Chart (Dynamic) to Excel & Name Sheets by Field Value


    The macro will export each chart (straight/pivot) to an Excel workbook for each possible value in the designated field.


    Here's a basic example to illustrate:

    - 2 Objects for export

    ---- A pivot table and straight table.

    - 12 possible field values to loop during export

    ---- Month is designated as the field to loop.


    Output = a single Excel file with 24 worksheets (i.e. one worksheet per object-Month).


    This can be a helpful utility because of the ease to scale and drastic reduce time needed to perform the iterative exports. For example, a finance team needing to extract the profit-loss, balance sheet, and cash flow objects from QlikView for each financial Cost Center.


    The macro script is attached in a text file.