TriQs: How to select Colours for Qlik App:  Colours v1.0 app

    User interface design is one of the important parts of any app. The colours is one of the important part of the design.

    I usually use the client's web-site to get the idea of app design structure and colour pallet, but sometimes you have two main colours, but you need a bit more. For example to use in the charts to show data by region/product etc.


    Due to all that fact I created a small app which can help to choose the consistent colours for my apps.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 17.45.23.png


    How to use this app:

    1. First of all select the Main Colour with the sliders or just input numbers for Red/Green/Blue

    Tip: Usually I'm getting the colours from customer's web site.


    2. All colours except the Second Colour will be updated automatically

    3. To select the Second Colour you can input it in the same way OR select it by clicking on the generated pallet on the right

    4. To use the generated colours you can basically right click, copy value and paste in the colour variables in your app. I usually have vColour1, vColour2 etc.



    Please find the app attached.


    I will be appreciated for any ideas of improvement